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Refreshing the Romantic Years

1966 City Limits

Currently living in Port Townsend and Dumaguete Philippines
refining my Vintage Cocktail  Show, that brings a renewal to the great songs of the Swank Sinatra Era. Romantic and swinging Songs by the past masters of song from the 1940's onward. 

Maui Singer
50 years 

Kevin Mason is a professional vocalist   with  50 years experience.

Early Years, Beginning in 1964 forming the band "the Excels", a garage band in Seattle, moving up and forward with the "Chancellors band", performing dances at Fraternity and Sorority Parties, and band competitions. It was at a Battle of the Bands sponsored by local Radio Station KJR that Kevin was discovered by popular Recording artists "the Imperials". After an audition Kevin was hired and soon went into the studio and began several years recording 45s disks,  and performing, and touring  under the names, Rocky and the Riddlers, and the City Limits.  Booked exclusively by the NW legendary DJ  "Pat O'Day" from KJR fame.  The City Limits, played primarily dances throughout all of Washington on the strength of record play at local radio stations throughout Washington. In addition they played dances in British Columbia, Canada, at hip clubs in Vancouver and Victoria BC.
 Pat O'Day combined Kevin and the City Limits, with National Acts, The Newbeats, and English Rock star, Ian Whitcom for tours through out Washington in the mid to late 60's . 

In 1969 Kevin was Cast into the Broadway Musical "Hair" and toured across the country. Hair was a major hit in the early 70's and was known for songs such as Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In, Easy to be Hard, and Hair.  Kevin had solo parts and was considered a principal actor and soloist, during hundreds of shows at 8 shows a week.  
After touring the country with Hair, Kevin landed in Seattle in the early 70's and because of his extensive touring experience began working with most of the top  NW Rock Music Promoters of the day, North West Releasing, Concerts West, Pacific Presentations, and the John Bauer Co.   Because of his experience with his own touring Kevin was placed in a position of working one on one with many of the leading music stars of the day and ran the Inner Sanctum Private Dressing Room of the Colosseums in Seattle, Portland Oregon, and Vancouver BC.  Kevin shared face time working with Paul McCartney, George Harrison,  Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Bad Company, Chicago, Rod Stewart, the Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Alice Cooper, Doobie Brothers, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Emerson Lake and Palmer, the Guess Who,  and many more.

In 2007 Kevin was one of the featured soloist for the 40 year anniversary Summer of Love Festival in Golden Gate Park San Francisco with the Original Cast of Hair. Performing in front of 150,000 attendees and shared the stage with Taj Mahal, Canned Heat, Jessie Collin Young, Moby Grape, members of the Doors, Doobie Brothers, Blue Cheer, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Jefferson Starship, Mothers of Invention, Barry "the Fish" Melton, Cold Blood, Artie Kornfeld (Producer of Woodstock) and Wavy Gravy. and others. 

 For the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in 2009 in front of 70,000 attendees,  Kevin was also a featured soloist during the closing act with the Original Cast of Hair also in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, and shared the stage with many of the surviving musicians from that original historic event. 
Currently, Kevin is based in Port Townsend Washington in the Summer, a Victorian Seaport Arts Community and performs solo shows for private and public events as well as with his 5 piece dance band "Kevin Mason and the PT All Stars".

After coming to Maui Hawaii to visit friends, Kevin felt the Aloha Spirit and has accepted that he is forever changed and needs to share his own Aloha spirit in song on this beautiful jewel of the Pacific.  Winter or Summer Kevin says,  "Maui is part of me". 

2020 finds Kevin living in Dumaguete Philippines,  recording new songs for my Vintage Cocktail Hour show, that brings a renewal to the great songs of the Swank Sinatra Era. Romantic Songs by the past masters of song.  Finding inspiration from Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Mel Torme, Bobby Daren, Johnny Mathis, Ray Charles, Elvis, and the magnificent Frank Sinatra just to name a few of the great Crooners.

Tailor the music to the audience, is his goal.

Known for a variety of musical styles, such as, energetic Rock and Roll, Blues, and Soul classics,  Jazz, and smooth Crooning,.  Music that makes you want to just listen or get on up and Dance.    All styles come from deep in the heart . He sings about Life, Love, Friendship, and the Joy of it all.
                              Together we can get your Groove On  !

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